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MN Plastika


Bavimo se izradom i prodajom predmeta od plastike za široku primenu. U ponudi imamo preko 150 proizvoda različitih primena: Za kuću, za baštu, te razni ostali proizvodi.


home products mn plastika

Home products

Wring plate, cups, carafes and many more things are an unavoidable and daily part of any kitchen...

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proizvodi za kucu MN plastika

Garden products

Flowerpot, flowerpot with a stand are a good option to beautify your garden balcony and terrace...

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proizvodi za kucu MN plastika

Other products

Pails with lid, vessels, universal boxes, dishes are daily and necessary part of every household...

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About us

From the very start MN PLASTIKA-1996 D.O.O is in constant climb and search for advanced technologies.

We have over 150 products of high-quality for versatile use in households and industries.